Air Compressor Buyer Guide Air Compressor Buyer Guide Air Compressor Buyer Guide Air Compressor Buyer Guide Air Compressor Buyer Guide

When you are in the hunt to find an air compressor for your garage, there are many different options to inquire about. One of the first things to consider is the type of project you are trying to complete. Is the job for your business or is the job at you home? You will need to look online for an air compressor buyer guide.

One decision to be made when looking for a compressor is if you want an electric air compressor or a gas powered air compressor. Two other considerations are how much power you need and how much pressure you will need.

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When it comes down to choosing, it will be your personal choice as to selecting an electric or gas powered one. Both types have their advantages. With the portable air compressors, it seems like most users prefer the gas powered air compressor over an electric air compressor.

There are different shapes of compressors too. There is the pancake air compressor, hot dog air compressor, vertical air compressor and the wheelbarrow air compressor. You can get them with or without wheels. Choose one based on you portability requirements. If you need one just sitting in your garage, a vertical, hot dog or pancake will do find. They all have similar output.

There are probably some other people who would prefer to go with the electrical compressors, it is really about what your needs are. Take some time and do your research on the internet to find the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Find out what the good qualities and bad qualities are before you buy.

How much pressure you will need out of the portable air compressor is a big consideration. You have to look at the size of the air compressor tanks. Many users will go out and buy the highest possible pressure in an air compressor; they probably didn’t need all that pressure. Before you buy, find out how much air pressure is required on that tool and buy a model that can run it. Always choose slightly more pressure than you think you will need to be sure it will be enough for every job.

If you are planning to use your compressor for normal household use, an electric one may suit you. The gas powered compressor will probably be too much. Most businesses like framing contractors choose to use the larger gas powered models because they run many tools at the same time. If you’re just a garage handyman, then you will probably only run one tool at a time.

Going to your local home center and asking one of the salesmen about what size of compressor you will need is a good idea. Let them know what type of work will be done and what tools you are using. If you are unsure of something ask many questions. Don’t be shy. You don’t want to waste your dollars.

You can also research your questions about portable air compressors online using an air compressor buyer guide. There are many websites that sell them and they have articles giving you tips on buying the best air compressor. There are also many websites such as that give you information on all types of do-it-yourself projects.

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