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If you’re in the market for an air compressor combo kit, the amount of compressors to choose from is mind boggling. Of the many things to contemplate, one is the type of project you’re looking to complete. First off, are you a weekend warrior in you home or are you going to use the air compressor for your business.

Electric air compressor or a gas powered air compressor – If you are working in the garage, you probably want and electric one. If you’re out on a jobsite, you probably want to buy a gas compressor. In the end, it will be your choice in which you go with – electric or gas powered. There are advantages in both of them. Most consumers prefer a gas powered compressor because it is more portable and doesn’t need an electric hookup. As with all portable air compressors, size and weight must be considered.

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Compressors come in a variety of shapes too. Pancake air compressors, hot dog air compressors, vertical air compressors and the wheelbarrow air compressors are some of the different shapes to choose from. Consider if you want wheels also. Take a look at where you need to bring the compressor and who will help you carry it. In the garage, a vertical, hot dog or pancake air compressor will suffuse.

An electrical air compressor might be a better choice for some people based on there needs. A great place to learn about compressors is on the internet. Do your research and take your time in deciding. Find the disadvantage and advantages of each model. Look at the pros and cons before you buy.

One big consideration is the pressure requirements that are needed for your particular job. The size of the air compressor tank is another item to look at. Don’t just go out and purchase the largest tank when you may not have needed it. Estimate the amount of pressure that your air tool needs to function. Then pick a compressor that has more than enough to handle that tool plus another tool of the same caliper.

An electric air compressor may satisfy the normal household uses. Inflating tires, nail guns, mechanic air tools would fit this bill. Leave it plugged in all the time and you will have plenty of air pressure. A gas powered compressor will definitely be not as convenient because of the obvious. People that work in the construction business like framing contractors require a larger gas powered compressor because they need to power multiple tools at the simultaneously.

You local home center is a great source to learn about air compressors. Ask them about size needed and tell them exactly the tools you will use. They will show you different types and then try to sell you the one on sale that day. Don’t be shy. Ask many questions. Make sure you are absolutely sure it’s the right one for your needs. Don’t waste your time and money over buying.

The internet is one of the best places to research you new portable air compressors. The amount of websites is endless and can make your head spin. Be careful on which site to look at. Some websites just want you to click on a Google ad so they make money. Good luck in finding the best air compressor combo kit available. Websites such as can give may help you and give you info on all types of do-it-yourself projects.