Aircraft Hangers
Aircraft Hangers Aircraft Hangers

Aircraft hangers are structures that hold aircraft and spacecraft in protective storage. These are usually made of metal, but they can make use of concrete, wood or other materials as well. The hangers protect the aircraft from ultraviolet light as well as the weather.

It can be used as a repair shop or assembly area and may actually keep an aircraft hidden from satellites. Airship hangers are generally huge compared to the usual airplane hangers, especially when it comes to height.

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Before, airships utilized hydrogen to provide sufficient buoyancy during the flight. These hangers provide protection to this hydrogen gas from sparks to prevent it from exploding. Most hangers were designed to house only one or two crafts.

These aircraft hangers are specially built to have large doors to accommodate the entrance of the aircraft. Bigger aircraft needs more complex hangers, which can be up to 120 meters for XXL ones – the biggest aircrafts in the world.

Steel is the primary component for building hangers because it provides maximum strength and can last up to 40 years. Buildings made of metal are less vulnerable to fire and unfavorable weather conditions. It is important to take note that the frame system for aircraft hangers must be tested for durability, strength and versatility, and that it is available at an economical price. In addition to this, steel is eco-friendly and is 100% recyclable. It may decompose as rust, but it will never harm the planet as it is a non-toxic material.

Some aircraft hangers are also solar powered as the top of the roof provides a large space for solar panels. The power generated on top of the hangers through solar panels is enough to run an entire military base, including its electrical needs, runway lights and computer systems.

For small hangers, four or five solar panels can provide enough energy for lighting and electrical outlets. The cost of buying solar panels for commercial airports and large hangers, which also houses several offices and rooms, may be a long-term return of investment. In the long run, it can still be cheaper compared to the cost of buying energy from the grid. This is because large areas such as this can generate tons of energy that can supply all energy needs within a commercial airport. More and more structures are making use of this technology as the cost of solar panels has remarkably decreased by almost 50 percent in the last five years alone.