If you’re running out of room in your house, you have two options: either move to a new home or find more storage space somewhere in your current place. A lot of home remodeling these days is for the purpose of adding on extra rooms to get some much-needed additional space. For most people, it’s a lot cheaper to remodel than to move.

People who don’t want to go the remodeling route are searching for unused spaces in their homes, such as the garage or basement, and trying to learn how to make the most of these extra areas. If you need some ideas for re-doing a garage, consider these: they can be converted into many useful spaces, like offices, game rooms, and a number of other practical or fun rooms. Clearly some challenges will be involved, but if your garage has areas of unused space, it may be worth your time and effort to transform it into a new room.

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A couple of the biggest challenges may come with the heating and lighting systems that will have to be in place. Of course, the typical garage is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It isn’t easy to regulate the temperature in a garage so that it can be comfortable for use throughout the year. Similarly, most garages don’t have adequate lighting systems or electrical outlets, so you’ll need to make some changes.

If you’re like most people, your garage is used as a storage room. And for garages that don’t have much extra space, overhead hanging bins or shelves that drop from the ceiling can be attached. With these convenient storage helpers, you can sock away a lot of things and make extra room even in a small garage. The larger your garage, the more options you’ll have for storage fixtures, such as cabinets or shelving that is permanently connected to the building.

Cabinets in the garage don’t have to be fancy but they do need to be practical and get the job done. Most people get the cabinets from a local home improvement store but you can find and buy them online. If you don’t want to hassle with installing cabinets, you can get the freestanding shelves that are very inexpensive and quite strong.