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No one will argue that the garage plays a very crucial role in your house. It is responsible for the well-being of your car and it’s expected to protect your vehicle from the heat of the summer sun, as well as to keep it dry and free from rust during heavy rain. At the same time, the garage is also expected to enhance the aesthetic value of your house by making sure that it fits very well with the overall design as well as the interior of the entire house.

This is the reason why garage flooring tiles is considered one of the things you need to look into in making sure that you have the best garage possible.

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Garage flooring tiles: striking a balance between beauty and functionality

You might think that the garage floor serves no purpose but to complement the look of your house. This is where you probably will go wrong as the tiles you buy for your garage not only becomes a design whenever your car is not there, but serves as an effective tool in order to prevent your car from slipping. Alternatively, it also protects the wheels in order for you to fully optimize their use. This is the reason why there are other strategies present in order to make sure that you have the best materials possible. For example, you can use mats to be able to change the design of the flooring every time that you deem it to be necessary.

However, the rise of using garage flooring tiles has been attributed to the fact that mats and other materials require very expensive maintenance work. Add to the fact that it has very short shelf life, and you probably will think that it is not worth the money you’ll be spending on. So, to save money and effort in making sure that you always have the best functioning mats, the concept of using floor tiles was popularized.

The basics of garage flooring tiles

There are three types of garage tiles which you can choose from. These are rigid plastic tiles, plastic and flexible rubber tiles, and wood composite tiles. While each one is considered top-of-the-line, they offer a distinct personality to your garage, which is why their difference is worth noting.

Plastic tiles are considered to be the best material to use, especially if they are a hundred percent PVC. They are also one fourth inches thick and can actually stand up against most chemicals or oils as well as grease and other forms of nasty substances that can be found inside your garage. Aside from that, they can support cars as well as your car jacks and other heady tools.

Flexible tiles on the other hand are a variety of interlocking tiles which offer the same functions as that of plastic tiles. Lastly, wood and composite tiles are best made for the basement and subflooring systems. These various garage flooring tiles can keep the basement dry and free of moisture in order to protect your car.