Horse Stalls
Horse Stalls Horse Stalls

When you are considering buying horse stalls for your farm, how do you decide whether you should purchase the traditional wooden stalls or the modern steel ones? In addition, how do you decide what size of stalls should you buy? One way to decide on what material you should use with is by studying the pros and cons of the available materials.

The traditional horse stalls are not durable because wood can be easily eroded by bad weather and in cases of termite invasion, you will have to replace the stalls. In addition, wood, brick or stone structured stalls for horses are also more difficult to build and thus it will be time consuming as well as not cost effective. Usually, you will not be able to do it on your own and will have to call in a contractor instead which can be rather costly too.

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On the other hand, if you decide to build your stalls for horses with steel, you will find that it can actually help you to reduce cost greatly. Metal stalls are pre-fabricated so they can be easily erected in the horse barns. All you have to do is to ensure that you have taken the measurements accurately and then purchase the ready-made stalls. Once the metal stalls arrive, which will usually not take too long, you can simply get a few workers to help you erect the stalls on your own without having to incur additional cost by hiring a contractor to do the job.

Besides being cost effective and easy to construct, the metal stalls are also much stronger and more durable than the traditional wooden horse stalls. You will not have to worry about the wooden being eroded and falling on your animals. With steel, you will not have such problems. Another advantage is that steel stalls for horses also come with a warranty so you can be assured of its live span.

Now that you have decided on buying metal stalls for your horses, your next job is to decide on the size you should purchase. A check with the supplier will tell you that these stalls come in various sizes so you have to decide whether you want to build a large barn or a small one. A word of caution is that you should think of the long run. Your animals might be small now but they will grow over time and a smaller horse barn with smaller sized stalls might not be very conducive for them. Unless you have the intention of building a bigger horse barn later on, you will save more in the long run by constructing a bigger equestrian barn right from the start.

You will also have to think about how much time your horses are going to spend in the horse stalls. Animals that are kept in very small areas for long period of time will get very restless and easily agitated. Over time, they will get very frustrated and might cause destructions to your barn and you definitely do not want to spend unnecessary money on repair and replacement!