Natural Gas Garage Heater
Natural Gas Garage Heater Natural Gas Garage Heater Natural Gas Garage Heater Natural Gas Garage Heater

Natural gas garage heaters are often found in households in well populated places such as towns and cities where natural gas pipes are found. Natural gas, which is considered to be a safe fuel, helps in lowering the costs of heating your garage during the cold months. There are different types of natural gas garage heaters being sold everywhere so you need to take your time in determining which one is ideal for your household today.

This heating unit is attached directly into the natural gas pipeline that runs around the neighborhood. During the cold months when heating is needed, the gas from the pipeline flows into the valve where a spark or pilot flame makes the fuel ignite for a flame to be produced. When the temperature in the heat exchanger reaches a certain level, the fan then automatically turns on to blow air into it to absorb the heat within the unit. This results to warmer air being blown into the garage. A chimney which is also part of the garage heater vents any combustion by-products.

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Any household that has access to natural gas should take advantage of it. With natural gas garage heaters being easy to install in your garage, you will be ready to face the winter season comfortably enough. There are several benefits that you can gain from this unit and one of them is its efficiency. This source of heat can provide the warmth you need fast and easy and you don’t even have to have a centralized boiler to supply the heat needed for this unit to function.

Another benefit that you can gain from natural gas garage heater is that you can actually use it during the summer to help disperse warm air inside your garage by introducing fresh air. Of course its durability is another benefit worth noting and with the treatment applied to it to deter corrosion, this unit is sure to last you for a long time.

When you already have the unit, there are actually three easy steps for you to follow to install it on your garage. The first one is to mount the heater at least 18 inches above the garage floor. Use a hanging bracket to secure it in place. The electrical and gas connections as well as the vent outlet can be placed either left or right of the air moving fan.

The second step is to determine the pipe size and the installation procedures based on the manual that is included in the package. Sizing is important when it comes to the gas pipe so the unit can receive adequate gas pressure.

And last but not the least, finish the venting and electrical connections correctly. The thermostat should be about 5 feet above the garage floor and should be installed on a surface that is free from any vibrations.

Make sure that everything is installed properly and that no leaks are present before you test the unit. With natural gas garage heater installed correctly, you will be enjoying the winter months in a more comfortable manner.