Rubber Garage Flooring Rubber Garage Flooring Rubber Garage Flooring Rubber Garage Flooring Rubber Garage Flooring

Rubber garage flooring is increasingly becoming the trend in garage flooring. Rubber flooring is very versatile in terms of aesthetics and functional purpose. Rubber flooring is available in many shades, so you will surely find the right hue for your garage. It’s also safe because of the additional grip it offers over other modes of flooring. In terms of maintenance, the rubber flooring doesn’t require much.

It just needs certain maintenance procedures every 3 months to keep the rubber flooring bright and glossy. Cleaning it regularly isn’t difficult and time-consuming too. Certainly, rubber garage flooring is ideal for a place where a lot of hard work takes place.

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The most apparent benefit of rubber flooring is the comfort and safety it brings to those that step on it. The rubber surface absorbs a lot of shock, so you can still let your children explore and trip without too much worry. In fact, rubber flooring is also used in daycare centers and playgrounds because of the traction it offers. Your ankles, knees, and legs won’t hurt as much when you’re working on car repairs and other heavy garage projects.  Rubber flooring is smooth so you don’t have to worry about red marks and scratches on your skin when you’re doing garage work.


Garage floors are normally functional but if you can’t resist beautiful aesthetics even in the most functional room of the home, you can get away with rubber flooring in the garage. Rubber can be cut out so you can form different shapes out of it and use different colors. This is what designers do in playgrounds. They form shapes out of numbers and letters to stimulate the child’s brain. You can do the same in your garage, especially if you intend to a lot a small space there for your child.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The rubber garage flooring is perfect for a room that’s always subject to the dirt, grime, and wear-and-tear. With the rubber flooring, you don’t have to scrub with all your might to get rid of dirt. You can simply wipe off the dirty areas with a gentle cleaner or mild soap. Quick mopping regularly will keep the surface clean and in top shape. Periodically, you should vacuum a rubber surface to be rid of dust. Just be careful not to use any oil-based cleaner or solvent because this is the rubber flooring’s Kryptonite. If in case you do, immediately wash away with water and cleaner.

Installing the Rubber Garage Flooring

Rubber floors don’t need too much preparation. Just make sure that the surface is free from any traces of the old flooring. The subfloor has to be free of dirt, dust, and other sticky things. Also, before you start installing your rubber flooring, you want to make sure that it reaches room temperature. This will prevent any temperature-related changes in the texture. Measure the room to find out how much rubber you need. Start installing rubber in the center of the room, working your way towards the door. When you’re done, let the rubber set for at least 72 hours. After that, you can polish the rubber garage flooring if you wish.