Power Pressure Washer
Power Pressure Washer Power Pressure Washer Power Pressure Washer Power Pressure Washer

Are you aware that cleaning can actually be fun and rewarding with a power pressure washer? Imagine all the fun and excitement blasting away dirt and debris with your high power pressure washer. Well, at last this is a proactive way of approaching an otherwise boring and mundane task.

So let’s look a little closer at the power pressure washer itself and how it works.

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The basic pressure washer would come with the high pressure pump, the spray hose, nozzle plus the electrical cord. Now you have to fill in the reservoir or you can choose to connect it with a water hose and attach it to water supply. Turn on the water and you are in for some fun! It is amazing how these small electrical units can spray water at pressures exceeding 1400 PSI. Needless to say that is an amazing level of pressure. But these high pressures can hurt you too if you are not careful when using it. Too much pressure can rip the paint off the surfaces you are working with.

There was a case when one of my friend who was trying to make a good impression on his in-laws and offer to clean the car with the power washer. As the pressure he used was too high, the paint was stripped off the surface of the car. Wood surfaces are dangerous areas too. Those high pressures can really strip the paint off from wood surfaces if you are not careful. It is always good to test with a small space before you work on a large one.

So what are the other places that these pressure washers would do fine? Consider your home sliding door. The washers can do an excellent job with the cleaning of those small spaces. Just remember to close all windows especially the one near to your large screen TV if you plan to use it.

If you fancy seeing dirt, rocks and everything else fly around you, then head for the driveway. You can spray those with your pressure washer and watch them flying all over the place, leaving you with a clean driveway in no time at all. However, just be sure that when you are having fun, no cars or window are located nearby. These rocks can be sent flying right through them can cause considerable damage to your belongings inside. Or worse you can break or window or to in your enthusiasm to have all the fun in the world with your power pressure washer.

No matter what you choose to do your job, just be sure that it has the right PSI to deliver the job right. There are tons of different attachments to use to make your job easier. There is the water broom, power rotating brushes, spray kits and more. In fact, you can really have fun experiment.

When to Use a Gas Pressure Washer
A gas pressure washer works wonders if you are looking for a more serious application to do the job excellently for you. You can expect a power pressure of more than 3000 PSI and that is certainly enough for most cleaning jobs.
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