Once in the old days, people merely needed a place to store their cars somewhere close by, where they can ensure that they remain accessible, secure, and free from damage. The solution came in the form of a garage – that handy, storage facility that oftentimes came along with the house. Soon, all homeowners needed to install garages in their lots. But in the 21st century, garages are simply not serving their original purpose anymore. To cut down on budget, homeowners are cutting down the number of cars they own.

Also, the storage space has also grown to accommodate more than just cars. In time, they have functioned as alternative living spaces for all types of uses. Those who are ready to convert their garage into something more useful on a daily basis should finally consider garage remodel to fulfill their needs.

Advantages of Garage Remodel

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Remodeling the garage is not only a way to improve the uses of the vast storage space presented by the garage. It is also an opportunity to strengthen the frames and underlying structure of the garage, making it more secure for the household’s items and flexible for all types of uses.

A garage remodel is an opportunity for homeowners to integrate maximally their use of the garage in any way possible. This is especially ideal if the homeowners still have extra room in their garage even after parking their car. While some homeowners are simply content in using the extra space as a place to pile boxes of their non-functioning items, there are still many ways to use that space.

The extra room in a garage can be used as a workstation or workshop and a toolshed. If there is ample space in the area, then homeowners can install a divider between the carport and the rest of the garage and convert the closed-off room into a small office, hobby room, entertainment room, lounge or even a small “me-room.” There is no ending to the possibilities of a garage remodel – creativity is the only limitation.

Remodeling Existing Garage

The scale of garage remodel highly depends on the purpose of the conversion and the current conditions of the garage. If the garage is old and would need a few structural improvements, then the remodel would entail changes to the framing, size and shape of the garage. If the plan is to convert the garage to accommodate more uses, then basic changes like installation of additional cabinets, shelves, hooks and other organizers would simply do.

The remodel is also an opportunity to add into the existing plan of the garage. New windows and doors can be installed, and partitions can add more rooms into the area as seen fit. Insulation and AC systems can also make the space be more livable and lighting and plumbing can thereby improve the amenities of the space. A detached garage can simply function as a secondary home or guest house if planned completely and properly. Attached garages can, in contrast, function well as an office and a library. Remodel Garage