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As you start your research into finding the right steel building for sale, you first have to learn about these types of buildings. There are 3 types of frame construction on the market to choose from. The most popular is the clear-span rigid frame structure. The other two will be discussed below.

Clear-Span Rigid Frame Structure
This system seems to be the style of choice. There are no interior support beams and this style offers an unobstructed interior space for you to use. Clear-span steel frames are used for barns, aircraft hangers, commercial storage, production facilities, sport complexes and riding arenas. The span can be up to 300 feet and no limit to the length of the building. Since there are no interior bearing walls, you can add interior partition walls for any configuration. Note that the cost of this type of steel building will increase due to the size and weight of the rigid I-beams.

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Modular Frame Structure
This type of steel building is similar to the clear-span but has load-bearing columns placed in the interior. These columns will distribute the roof load more evenly. By using interior columns, this decreases the size and weight of the rigid I-beams and therby reduces the square foot cost. Besides reducing the cost, a much wider building can be built to suit your needs. Large factories and other manufacturing companies who need extremely large structures will benefit the most from this type of steel building.

Single-Slope Frame System
This type of construction involves a roof pitched in one direction. The roof will slope from front to back at a common pitch of ½:12. The pitch is the number of inches the roof rises per 1 foot horizontal. Strip malls, mini storage buildings, agricultural buildings, and small office complexes tend to use this style.