Riding Arenas
Riding Arenas Riding Arenas

Wooden riding arenas are the traditional structures during the past years. However, with the passing of time, more and more equestrian enthusiasts would likely opt for the steel structures when they want to have new and more reliable facilities. Usually, the floor of most riding arenas is filled with combustible materials that may be the cause of fire.

In this regard, inflammable steel structures would be a safer bet compared to wood. This is so because in case a fire breaks inside the building, it will be easier to put out as it can be contained to prevent it from spreading to the main structure. A severe fire will be controlled easily so as to protect the main building to keep it intact. Additionally, the roof and walls of most steel structures are very sturdy and durable, and it won’t collapse due to remarkably high temperature. This way, riders, horses and spectators will have lesser chances of getting trapped or injured inside the building.

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Riding arenas are used for different purposes and activities. Therefore, it should be able to accommodate everything; from jumping competitions to dressage to the pony riding lessons of little kids. There are some regions in the world which only need a simple roof-only riding arena to provide riders and horses shelter and protection from the rain. However, in some other areas and climate zones, riding arenas should be fully closed to be able to cope with harsh weather conditions like hail storms, strong winds, heavy rainfalls, and freezing temperature. In lieu of this, a steel structure should be insulated in order to keep riders and horses warm during such conditions. The metal structures are very easy to purchase and affordable. Fully enclosed steel riding arenas are also very ideal in hot climates. It will be able to keep the heat out as much as possible, consequently lowering the need for air conditioning.

When selecting your riding arena, you should consider all the different outside forces that the riding arena will be exposed to. Take different factors into consideration, like the strong winds in a particular area or heavy rainfalls in different regions. This way, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money and trouble upon the completion of the riding arena. Since steel is a very sturdy building material, it is the ideal choice for riding arenas that require a column-free design.