When it comes to keeping your house in order, it is important that you make the most of your forgotten spaces i.e. the garage. We all have difficulty finding a home for stray bits and bobs, however, if you know the tricks of the trade things can be a lot easier.

Power Tools
Power tools are akwardly shaped and difficult to store properly. The best solution for storing them is to keep them in their original boxes on a metal shelving unit. This stops plugs getting tangled and makes the items easy to find

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Gardening Tools
Gardening tools are best kept together in a large chest. This stops the tools from taking up too much room and allows akwardly shaped tools to be easily stacked on top of each other.

Screws and Nails
Screws and Nails are so difficult to store and keep together however luckily there are quite a few good solutions for storage. The easiest method is to collect empty jam jars, pots and containers and then store all the loose nuts and bolts, screws and nails together. A more complex but elegant solution is to glue magnets onto tins which can then be stuck to a magnetic strip on the wall, keeping your screws organised and easy to access.

There is no easy way to store paint, however, make your life much easier by dabbing a bit of paint on each lid so you can determine which colour is inside.

Push Bikes
The easiest way to store a bicycle in a garage is to use a specialist ceiling mounted bike rack. This lifts the bike up off the ground and saves valuable floor space.

Everyone has pairs of muddy boots thrown in their garage. Boot racks are available, allowing you to store those muddy boots elevated and out of the way, without traipsing dirt through the house.

Miscellaneous Items
The simpleist way to keep miscellaneous organised is to have boxes dedicated to groups of similar items or items used for similar tasks. e.g all miscellaneous car items would go in one box while all the light fittings would go in another.

High Value Contents Insurance
When your garage has been organised you’ll notice that it contains a lot of valuable items. Considering the fact that garages are not always as secure as other areas of your house it is important to consider contents insurance as this will provide you with peace of mind and support if something bad does happen. Getting a competive contents insurance qoute is an incredibly simple process. You can simply enter your personal details and requirements online and you will recieve competive quotations allowing you to get the best value for money.